North South Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Of all the factors that distinguish small businesses from the big ones, a comprehensive and consistent business identity is one of the most significant. As your business expands, you’re likely to find yourself selling to a wide variety of audiences through a wide array of mediums. All of these different mediums and methods can give your company a disjointed identity - as you alter your strategies to deal with each new market, the cohesiveness of your business as a whole suffers. That’s where your corporate identity comes into play.

As your business grows larger, branding becomes more and more important - by uniting all of your diverse products and services under one brand, you can enjoy the benefits of rapid growth without losing cohesiveness.

Here at North South Technologies, we can help you create consistent corporate identity necessary to gain client trust and unite all parts of your business under one banner. Our specialists have knowledge and experience to provide you with the optimum mix of marketing solutions, which gives your business substantial competitive advantage. Whether you need to design a logo and identity for a new company, to make a appealing brochure introducing your services, to refresh the graphic design concept or to create a flyer announcing a special offer - we can provide you with a professional, exclusive marketing solution within your budget and by your deadline.

We know the importance of effective branding, and we’ll work with you to create a brand that accurately reflects the goals and ideals of your company.

Our Company specialises in designing
  • Logo Design
  • CD Covers design
  • Label Design
  • Banner Design
  • Advertisements
  • Brochure Design
  • Email Design

Corporate Identity Design Package Features
  • Full colour logo and stationery design.
  • 4 sample logos to select from
  • Logo created in scalable vector format
  • Black-and-white logo design for faxing purposes
  • Logo design font supplied, ready to install on your system.

Our Services