North South Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Logo of any company creates a brand name in the market. It is very important to efficiently design a logo which depicts the core values and vision of the company. Your logo is a statement of your business to the world. Existing clients, prospective clients, suppliers and staff all identify your business through a logo e.g.:- yahoo, BMW, McDonalds, Nike are some of the logos which itself showcases the companies name. Therefore your logo should also have a recall value that would further help a business develop a distinct identity for itself.

Creating an innovative & inspiring business logo design is one of the most significant elements in building brand awareness for customer. That is why we thrive hard to design a professionals and cutomised logo design at price that is affordable to you. Our logo designers will work using their creativity as well as your requirement to create a Custom Designed Logo that precisely embodies your businesses marketing objectives.

After creation of a logo, we will send the logo to you in CDR, JPG, PNG etc along with the fonts used. Your new logo is now ready to be printed for any advertisements, letterhead, and web.

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