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We promise you that your website will have TOP 10 rankings in Google/Yahoo/MSN/AOL and other major search engines.

Did you ever think how can someone search your site on Internet ?
Is it through advertisements or word of mouth - The answer is no, how can a person sitting in USA see your advertisements.

With billions of sites already on the Internet and thousands more coming online every day, it’s getting harder and harder to effectively promote your web presence. Conversely, as the number of new sites increases, potential clients are facing troubles as well - with all the information out there, it’s becoming harder and harder for them to find what they’re looking for. Here comes the role of SEO. That’s why people are increasingly turning to search engines; cutting through the Internet clutter, search engines deliver quickly and efficiently to the information. Strategic placements on major search engines enable businesses to generate high-volume traffic and quality leads, increase sales.

At North South Technologies, we’re here to make sure that your search engine optimization strategy stays right on track. By helping you identify and correct common search engine optimisation mistakes, we’ll ensure that you achieve and maintain the high rankings your business deserves. With research, manual submission, site analysis and quality backlinks, we’ll make sure that your site is as optimised as possible, putting you in position to enjoy the business benefits that high rankings brings.

Our SEO experts maintain complete transparency and keep the client involved and informed at every stage - right from keyword identification to current search engine ranking reports. We at NST ensures that every website that comes for optimisation gets the right amount of attention and it goes through our rigorous process of providing uniqueness in every possible manner.

Following is the process through which we achieve the aim :
1. Undertaking keyword research and finding relevant keywords/key phrases for your site. You will choose yourself the number of keywords you would like your site to be optimized for.
2. Developing descriptions and the title, optimizing the site content for the keywords. While optimising we also pay attention to page positions within a page where the keywords should be placed to maximize the chances of getting good ranks.
3. After uploading the optimized pages, we submit your Web site to the major search engines.
4. Wait for eight to ten weeks after we complete the submission, and will be ranked within the top 30 in the major search. And remember, attaining a rank is a serious job in itself, but maintaining this rank is a whole different ball game. This is why we will have to re-optimize and re-submit those pages that will show a decreasing tendency in ranks.
5. Also, we will provide a detailed report on your project status at the end of every month.

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