North South Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
North South Technologies is a full service Website Development firm based in Indore, India It provides comprehensive e-Business resources worldwide making online interaction with your company effective and easy. We stay abreast of emerging technologies to bring our customers the most effective solutions. We can help you move beyond static HTML pages to dynamic Website through easy-to-use, form-based Web interface; your staff can update text, graphics and images with the click of a mouse.

Our creative and innovative team of website developers and programmers will create and construct any type of functionality your site may need in any programming language that it requires. We have the experience and the staff to accomplish all of your development goals quickly, within budget and produce a product that will exceed your expectations.

Working with our experienced team of developers offers the following advantages :
  • Quick, cost-effective development cycle
  • Experience across a broad range of industries
  • Large library of component code i.e. shopping cart, calendar, mailing list, and more
  • Efficient management structure
  • Comprehensive suite of services
Our Website Development Solutions include :

Our expertise lies in developing and integrating a cost effective, reliable and scalable technology solution that makes your Website easy to manage. We develop web applications using Common Gateway Interface (CGI), Java, ASP, JSP, XML, Perl, PHP etc. for businesses and companies. Examples of applications include e-commerce, credit card payment, FTP automation, Secured pages, etc. We also customize existing scripts to suit the purposes of your business.

We have all the resources required to provide Internet/Intranet solutions in-house. This includes a state-of-the-art web designing studio, multiple secure web servers, backend database connectivity and secure credit card processing. In fact, North South Technologies is a one-stop shop for all Internet/Intranet solutions.

Our Services